Albatoss Island is the first and probably easiest level in Luigi lost in Telinc's World. It IS the first one, but it's probably the one that went through many, many changes and has the longest history.


As the name suggests, the island is inhabited by the red birds called Albatosses. The fly all around the level and can't be ridden. Sometimes, they're seen in groups.


Part 1Edit

When you enter the level, you will find yourself on a giant hill with a gradual slope next to it. Walk to the slope and hold Down to slide and kill the Pokeys. But watch out, directly after the slope there's a Monty Mole that will pop right from the ground! Jump to the hill and KO the two Goombas. If you want, you can hit the Turn Block at the end of that hill to summon a vine that's going to lead you to Appendix 1.

Part 2Edit

After the small hill you find yourself in a piped area. There's a Question Block with a mushroom/flower if you want it. There's another hill right after this area. On the hill, there's a small pipe. You will exit from there if you took the vine. You will meet another pipe at the end of the hill. Go down that pipe to go to Appendix 2.

Part 3Edit

Right after the giant hill you will find the midway point and some breakble bricks. Then, you will find a small lake with some fish inside. After the lake, you will see a message block explaining the T Coins. Not long after that part, you will find the goal.

Appendix 1Edit

You will get to this area if you take the vine in Part 1. Here, you're supposed to walk on soem clouds and then take a platform above a pit[1]. After this part, there are some more clouds and pipe that leads to Part 2 of the level.

Appendix 2Edit

You can get here from the pipe in Part 2. This section is a foggy cave with some bones, Throw Blocks and a vine. Near the end of the section, there's a hidden 1-up Mushroom. You will get to Part 3 from the exit pipe.


  1. If you fall down that pit, you will fall from the sky in the start of the level. You can't go back to the area then.

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