Bulletly Lake, formerly known as Tropedo Ted Lake, and Blooper Sea is the second level in LLITW. Its history is also long, but not as long as Albatoss Island's.

History Edit

When B.L. was started, it was known as Blooper Sea. However, Telinc1 thought that a Blooper spam and an ocean with no land is too bland and hard for a second level, so he cancelled the idea. Then, he had the idea to use the rarest enemy in SMW - the Tropedo Ted. He used a too overused idea, pipes. It's still like that, though! The level first was again bland, but Telinc was statisfied with it and left it. When LLITW was revived, he looked at it again, and added something, including: a better pallete; HDMA gradient; a trap at the start; a better secret exit.

Bugs Edit

  1. The HDMA Gradient intterupts with the sprites and sometimes tiles don't appear. Telinc has a brief idea of why is this happening and he will sometime try to fix it.
  2. Becasue the gradient's code is crapped up (that's why the bug above MAY happen), sometimes your eyes will burn up when you enter the level, becuase of the ugliness that can happen.

Walkthrough Edit

Part 1 Edit

When you enter the level you come out of a pipe. Quickly mash B and the right arrow, as there is a hole containing a Rip Van Fish straight beneath! After that, you will meet some Cheep-cheeps. Not far, there's a platform with a ? Block. Use it if you are going for the secret exit!

Part 2 Edit

After Part 1, you will see two pipes attached to a platform. Don't try to go in it! It's a Tropedo Ted spawner! Bypass it. After that you will see another similiar structure. There are a lot of coins in these areas. After another ceiling pipe, you can take a Rip Van Fish guarded platform to go to Appendix 1.

Part 3 Edit

After passing through Part 2, you will see some blue fish. These are faster versions of the Blurp Fish that moves in a wave-motion. Not long after this, there the ending pipe!

Part 4 Edit

After taking the pipe, you will see a cartoony room with bright pink Dino Rhinos. After three of them, you will see the goal!

Appendix 1 Edit

If you take the pipe in Part 2, you will end up in a section that looks similiar to the one in Part 4, but has a key and keyhole. Secret exit found!

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