This page is about LLITW's History. For other uses, see History (disambiguation)

How it all started?Edit

One day, after my third hack got rejected, I was thinking about what can I do to make my fourth hack get accpeted. I thought, and I thought, and I thought...

And something came into my head. It was making a hack which will have custom sprites, ExGFX, HDMA, ASM and more! This created Mario lost in Telinc's World.

The creationEdit

Not long after the idea came into my head, a folder was created and MLITW was started. I started creating the first level. I tweaked some palletes and the level was done. But, something bad happened...

The CancellationEdit

A total of 7 levels were made, and I got bored out of hacking. With this, MLITW was cancelled and forgoten.

The Great ReviveEdit

When I got bored of SMBx and Flash, I was too lazy to learn PHP again and started hacking again. I thought I deleted everything in the recycle bin, but it turned out I didn't. With this, MLITW was revived.

The RenameEdit

When I played SMBx, I strted to like Luigi. I tested my levels with him only. One day, I said to myself "Hmm... I really like Luigi. The hacks that use Mario are too many.". With this, I renamed the hack to Luigi lost in Telinc's World and the short for name became LLITW. Mario was also turned into Luigi.

The teamizationEdit

At January 28th 2012, in an IRC conversatiotion thenextdoor approved an idea from Telinc1 and LLITW became a team/collaboration hack.

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